North Korea has many rumors circulating about its many ridiculous policies and the absurd nature of many of its state programs. There is the ever present claim and constantly enforced propaganda that Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader, is a god, and has done almost everything. Sources report that North Korean media tells the people that many of the joys in life, such as hamburgers, were invented by Kim Jong-Un and then copied by Americans. There are also the claims regarding the childhood of the North Korean “Supreme Leader” (of the ironically “Democratic” country) including the idea that he learned to speak in three days, and drove by his third week. However, the surreal nature of these claims is properly tempered by their obvious falsehood. In many cases, it is as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction. North Korea actually has established an official hairstyle policy, regulating the hairstyles that may be worn by the Korean people as they live their lives. The policy comes from ridiculously untrue, though nonetheless amusing scientific claims by the People’s Republic government; that longer hair consumes the brains energy and therefore hair must be kept short to maximize brainpower. In addition, North Korea has instituted a system of laws regarding fashion and what may be worn, the enforcement of which would indicate a very real fashion police. Fortunately, under the rule of Kim Jong-Un, many policies regarding fashion and dress have become more relaxed, due to his greater awareness of the current generation, with policies now being relaxed to allow women wearing pants to work, where in the past they were only allowed dresses.

Fashion Police.jpg

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