Madison Sinclair │05.08.17

Fifty-four years after accidentally wandering across the border into India, Wang Qi returned to China. During the war with China in 1962, Wang Qi was a Chinese soldier that worked as a surveyor for the Chinese military. At the time, Wang Qi had been building roads for the Chinese military. While building roads, Wang Qi strayed off into Indian Territory. Mr. Wang said that after he had realized that he had gotten lost, he “saw an Indian Red Cross vehicle and asked them to help ⦋Man returns from Indiahim⦌. They handed ⦋him⦌ over to the Indian Army.” After being handed over to the India army, Mr. Wang said that he was jailed for espionage and was moved between many different jails for seven years. After being moved around for several years, he was released from jail in 1969. Eight years after being released, Wang Qi started to apply for the correct documents to leave India in 1977. Despite being a “free man” in India for eight years, Wang Qi was never granted Indian citizenship. Although he started to apply for the documents in 1977, Wang Qi only received his passport in 2013. During his years in India, Mr. Wang married an Indian woman and had two daughters and a son. His Indian wife and one of his daughters did not go to China with him because they were stopped in India with visa issues. After returning to China, Wang Qi went to his hometown of Xianyang, Shaanxi Province with his son and his other daughter. One of Wang’s comrades said, “though all those years have passed, we’ve not forgotten him.” When Wang Qi and his children arrived at the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, more than forty of Wang’s family members and former army comrades were there to greet him. Wang Qi’s Chinese family and friends were very happy to see him again; some even brought him gifts.



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