On the 5 p.m. flight from Narita, Japan to Los Angeles, California, all seemed fine before takeoff. This was until two men on board got into a fight at the time of takeoff. The witness of the fight, Corey Hour, reports hearing one of the men yell, “Where are you from? I’ll kill you.” to the other man sitting next to him. The man then began to shove and assault his seat partner while a family of three watched. The family of three consisting of a mother, grandmother, and child took cover in the front of the plane. When another man intervened, Hour decided to turn his video recording phone to the scuffle. In the video, the two original men are shown fighting and throwing fists at one another while a child on looks, wailing. Several flight attendants tried to separate the two men but did not succeed. Hour admitted that when he went to confront the original aggressor, he finally backed off. “The last place you think you’re going to have an issue is on an airplane,” Hour said. “I felt like when this situation happened, I had to take a stand. There was literally no kind of way for us to get past the situation, we had to take it in our own hands.” According to the airline officials, the man who started the fight had not been identified at the time of his arrest. The airline provider also stated that when fleeing from the scene, the man assaulted a gate agent and was then arrested.



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