South Korea has in recent years found itself the victim of corrupt turmoil brought about from within. Unfortunately, the issues within South Korea have not been receiving the media attention that they should due to the aggressive actions of South Korea’s northern and more ill-tempered brethren. South Korea is a nation of democracy, very similar to the United States in structure. In 2012, South Korea elected their first female president, a woman by the name of Park Geun-hye.South_Korea_Politics_John

Unfortunately, Park has recently had severe accusations leveled at her due to evidence of massive internal corruption and extortion. Following an investigation, it became apparent that Park had been using her authority to extort “campaign contributions” of very large sums from South Korean businesses. As a result of this, the Korean legislature voted to impeach Park Geun-hye, because it is illegal to charge the president with a crime while they are in office. After success in her impeachment by a landslide, the former president is now facing enormous charges for her offenses. Due to the severity of her crimes and the abuse of power she demonstrated in her actions, she is facing the highest possible charges for her crimes. If found guilty of the crimes laid against her, which seems an almost foregone conclusion considering the overwhelming evidence, Park faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. At a current age of 65, Park would be well into old age by the time she was released, though it is possible, if given the maximum sentence, that she will never again leave prison.


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