Madison Sinclair │04. 21. 17

China has recently created a new law concerning charities in China. Before there was a law concerning charities, some organizations, saw it as freedom to operate in certain ways and other saw it as a “hammer waiting to drop.” Social organizations that deal with noncontroversial issues, like healthcare, are the ones that had more of a fixed place the government. Charities involving minority rights or other controversial issues, on the other hand, did not have as much freedom to operate. The new charity law that has been implemented in China has promised to expand the space for all charities to act, rather than restrict them. The law further defines what a charitable activity is as well as registration procedures and rules for the charities. The China's New Charity TaxMinistry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has created specific applications for organizations to fill out depending on the type of organization that they are. The MCA has also created “Administrative Measures for Public Fundraising Platforms,” which establishes set rules regarding fundraising platforms. Along with the rules regarding fundraising platforms, the new charity law also creates rules for fundraising organizations and establishes charitable trusts and law enforcement for the charities. Many people are keen about this new law because, before the law, the country did not deal much with charity. People are also enthusiastic because China’s “high-powered economy” is quickly losing steam. This new law could potentially open an expansion of civil society as well as make way for non-profit groups to register and raise funds legally. Fu Ying, a spokeswoman for NPC, said that the importance of this law “cannot be underestimated.” While the new law makes many people very optimistic about the future of charities in China, some local government officials and nonprofit groups may resist the law. Many local government officials are “suspicious of charitable activities,” and local tax authorities do not know how to deal with donations to tax deductions regarding charities.



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