Madison Sinclair │02. 16.17

China as a Communist State

The People’s Republic of China is an active communist state. In a communist state, in this case, China, the government controls the economy, and a single party holds power. Unlike democracies, like the United States, China has a single party system. This single party system allows the government to focus on more long-term goals and not just winning the next election like most politicians in democracies do. The one party system makes China more efficient in the long run and ensures that the government is doing things to better the nation and not just to make sure they get re-elected.

China’s Oligarchy

China’s government, by definition, is an oligarchy. Oligarchies can be aggressively tyrannical or peaceful. China’s government is a relatively peaceful one. An oligarchy is when one group of people holds government power. The group of people that obtain political power could be chosen by their level of education, their wealth, their bloodline, or the military control. China, in particular, is an aristocracy, meaning it is run by a group of people based on their superiority. The Chinese aristocracy, in particular, is led by an elite class of individuals. While the corruption of power by money is common in oligarchies, China’s elite are not immune from the law. Because the elite people in China are not immune from the law, the amount of corruption that occurs could be limited.

Revolutions reforming the Government

In 1949, there was a revolution in China that did lead to a big social change but not very much political change. Socially, China had changed because the government began taking property from the middle class and made it property for public use. Politically, the Chinese government continued to be based on the Stalinist bureaucracy that was in the Soviet Union. This type of government repressed any form of workers’ democracy for China. As time went on, the anti-Marxist perspective that China had led to an economic unproductivity and in the 1970s, the Chinese Communist party was looking for ways to solve the issue and merge China back into global capitalism.


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